Heyden Peery

Pastoral Resident

Heyden was born and raised in Austin, TX, and came to Texas A&M in 2013. Once Heyden graduated in 2016, he came on full-time staff to oversee operations and worship ministry and is now transitioning into student ministry. After growing up in and around the church (and in various parachurch student ministries), Heyden has a heart for seeing students be known and loved, and for them to know and love Jesus. Heyden also has a heart to care for and equip volunteers and leaders so that they can joyfully live a life of discipleship on mission.

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Year Long Pastoral Residency Program

Residents at Declaration Church serve the body of Christ from their particular gifting as they further discover how God has equipped them for ministry and how He will deploy them into future Gospel advancing assignments. At this stage of our church’s story, residents are specifically invited onto our ministry team to fill specific needs and help build foundational components of our mission in the Brazos Valley and beyond. Residents are discipled, they disciple, and they are trained and sent out to another Gospel centric mission or hired into ours.

Why Declaration Church?

I can see that Jesus’ Great Commission from Matthew 28 is not just another Bible story at Declaration Church; it’s a reality in which we live. Since before college, I knew that my calling and deepest desire was to help equip God’s Church, to go and make disciples. Unfortunately, many churches have yet to grasp this commission and buy into the vision. However, the first conversation I had with one of our pastors, was about the mission of Declaration Church and that we are to make disciples that make disciples. Though resources are limited, the heart of this new church is for people in the cities of Bryan/College Station and unreached people across the globe to know and believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instantly, that’s how I knew that I was in the right place.

Why Me?

The current full-time staff is family to me. Not only is there a familial bond, but we also work exceptionally well together. As a staff, we recently took a personality test and the results were affirming to what we already knew; I bring a logistical balance to the team. I am uniquely designed to help teams be more productive in communication and execution of a vision and Declaration Church is where I desire to use these gifts. This is the church body that I call home, the team I want to serve, and the place where God has called me to spend the next year in ministry.

Support to Raise

Total Operating Budget: $28,500
Total to Support Raise: $14,000
Salary: $23,000
Tax: $1,500
Annual Ministry Expenses: $4,000

This budget includes all expenses for living, ministry, continuing education, communication, and administrative needs for one year of residency.

Giving Plan

# of Partners Amount Total
1 1,500 $1,500
2 200/mo. $4,800
4 100/mo. $4,800
5 50/mo. $3,000
Total: 12 $14,100

How to Give

Personal checks made out to Declaration Church with 'Heyden Peery' in the memo line mailed to the address below.

Heyden Peery
heyden@declarationchurch.net | 512.653.1893
PO Box 2601 | Bryan, TX 77805
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