A New Favorite

It’s hard to us to find a word superlative to “favorite” to describe something. My favorite kind of ice-cream changes depending on what might be available at the moment. Can someone really have two best friends? Or can a mom really have two favorite children? Every day we have the opportunity to have an experience that trumps one from before… And so it goes with Declaration Church. It seems like the Lord continues to generously give me new favorite memories with this family of believers.

As we strive to ENGAGE God and ENGAGE one another in 2015, we decided to kick it off with our first official elder led Night of Prayer (and BBQ), and a new “favorite” experience with Declaration was posted.

Calvary Baptist Church in Bryan generously let us use their sanctuary to gather in on a forty-degree Wednesday night. Children under age four sequestered in the entryway around a Veggie Tails movie and toys from my sons play room, and about 80 of our church family gathered to engage the Lord together in prayer.

We prayed for a church family whose son was in the middle of a lung transplant surgery. The refrain “Hallelujah our God reigns” shook the chandeliers as we sang To the King with the lights on. In random groups of families, close friends, acquaintances, and even strangers, we prayed toward the following: 

Engage God

  • Praise Him for his nature, and attributes

  • Prayer for each other’s walk/relationship with Jesus (to the right)

  • Against Sin

  • To develop Spiritual Disciplines

Our Church

  • Groups/Deeper Relationships

  • College Students

  • Leadership

  • Future and growth/provision

Our City

  • The Poor

  • The Lost

  • Unity in the Body of Christ

  • Thy Kingdom Come

And in good Southern Baptist form, we ended the service by singing the Doxology acapella with our brothers and sisters.

The projectors didn’t work exactly right, the lights were on, we started late, and kids were banging on toy pianos in the back of the room. But as a church family, we met with the Lord on January 14th, 2015. And when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we all drove a few blocks and took over C&J’s BBQ for a family meal together.  It was my new favorite.

Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost

Travis Endsley